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The Company

Gemini Systems is a global technology consulting company. We work with leading organizations, government agencies and corporations to create exceptional business solutions based on IBM and related technologies.

Gemini Systems is a company of exceptional individuals. We pride ourselves on delivering meaningful solutions for our customers.
That is our mission.

For 25 years we have been using cutting edge technology. Our solutions win industry awards, our people help define standards, and typically make it home for dinner. We love technology, from punched cards to Big Data.
That is our passion.

The most important thing about Gemini Systems, about us, is that we are building a community of exceptional individuals focused on getting better, together, so we can help our customers do the same. Whether it’s powering the world’s exchanges or helping teachers in low-income areas – we do not simply show up. We are present, together, every day.
That is who we are.

Teach for America
Johnson & Johnson
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
NYSE Euronext
Practising Law Institute (PLI)
Deloitte & Touche
National Football League

We have satisfied customers across many industries.

Lockheed Martin
American International Group (AIG)
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
Morgan Stanley
The Guardian Life Insurance
Sony BMG
National Basketball Association

We are a worldwide organization.

Simon Leung

Founder and CEO

Simon founded Gemini Systems in 1987 to provide innovative and leading edge solutions to complex business problems. He knows that technology alone is not enough to solve the most challenging problems, it is the people that bring the solutions to life. Gemini Systems brings together the best talents and technologies to deliver the highest value and help customers realize the truly great potential of the information age. Simon has guided the research, services, and technology focus of Gemini Systems in fields such as advanced search, market regulation and compliance, market surveillance, advance collaborations, business process management, portals, cloud computing, and ECM.

Simon has expanded Gemini Systems to a global organization with offices and clients in the United States, Russia, India and China. For more than 20 years, Simon has led Gemini Systems to serve many of the largest and best companies and organizations in different industries worldwide, including financial services companies, financial markets, exchanges, regulatory organizations, industrial manufacturers, life sciences, governments, media, entertainment, and not-for-profit organizations.

Simon received the 2006 Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award. Simon studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Prior to founding Gemini Systems, Simon held various technical and technology management roles at Goldman Sachs & Company and Chatham Consulting Group, Inc.

Michael Bisignani

Senior Vice President, CTO

Mr. Bisignani has been with Gemini Systems since 1993, and currently holds the role of CTO (Consulting Services). He is the firm's foremost Enterprise Architect and has led many of Gemini's most sophisticated engagements. A long time veteran of the IT industry, Michael is able to successfully bring together experiences that span over two decades of technology and apply them to recurring problems that today's large organizations face. He has been a pioneer in the area of Enterprise Extranets and Intranets and Distributed Services and Application Platforms. His innovative solutions have always melded a thorough understanding of strategic business priorities across and along lines of business with the targeted, yet pragmatic application of technology and best practices.His solutions have provided enterprises with tangible and quantifiable returns over the short and long term.

Michael’s responsibilities have given him deep exposure to various areas of technology. These have included the optimization of service oriented architectures, high performance computing for financial markets, Enterprise collaboration and messaging systems for global organizations. He acts as a trusted advisor to many clients during short and long term engagements.

A very strong believer in the power of teams, Michael knows that most solutions cannot be built by the heroics of a single individual but are born of the closely collaborative effort of team members. By Assembling, leading and joining teams, Mr. Bisignani has routinely been able to deliver long term success to Gemini’s customers.

Michael holds a B.S. degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Mercy College and various industry certifications. Michael exercises some of his creativity and regains good doses of life-balance by seriously practicing in the culinary arts. His recipes uniquely fuse the rustic cuisine of his native Italy with the global ingredients of a more multicultural scene.

Slava Frid

User Experience Platform
Practice Leader

Coming soon

Evan Herbst

Senior Vice President

Evan is responsible for Gemini's Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Corporate Development, Sales and Marketing. Through his executive and consulting work, Evan has been involved in multiple startup companies in the technology, media and services industries.

Evan re-joined Gemini Systems in 2002, after having previously been a Consultant with Gemini from 1996-1998. Prior to joining Gemini Systems, Evan was the Chief Technology Officer of ip*network, Inc., the premier vendor of web-based enterprise software and solutions for managing intellectual property and intellectual property licensing agreements. At ip*network, Evan was responsible for Software Development, Product Management, Quality Assurance, Customer Support, Professional Services, Web Operations, and IT. In addition, Evan assisted in business planning, capital raising, merger and acquisition evaluation, and in building alliances with Big 5 consulting firms, intellectual property commercialization firms, patent docketing firms, and software and technology providers. Evan has also served as a co-founder and Partner in BedRock Ventures - a firm providing consulting and capital raising services to start-up and turnaround businesses; the Founder and CEO of StorageOne Media - a software firm for entertainment companies; and as a co-founder and President of Exa Media - a digital services firm for entertainment companies.

Evan received a Bachelor's degree in Systems Science and Engineering, with a minor in Computer Science, from the University of Pennsylvania.

Evan holds two US Patents: A System and Method for Delivering Content to Mobile Devices and System and Method for Delivering Customized Content to Mobile Devices.

David Luftig

Senior Vice President

David joined Gemini Systems in 1998. He is currently responsible for managing many of Gemini’s key customer relationships and for coordination between the sales, sales engineering, finance and the professional services organizations within Gemini Systems. David also runs sales engineering, sales operations, and key portions of Gemini’s partner and vendor programs.

In 2004, David began working closely with the sales team, and with his experience as a consultant, took on the role of account management for some of Gemini's emerging clients. He spent the first 6 years at Gemini Systems in the professional services organization as a developer, business analyst and project manager for one of Gemini's largest clients.

David received a B.S. in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University and an M.B.A. in Finance and Investments from Bernard M. Baruch College, City University of New York.

Krishnan Naranapatty

Executive Managing Director

Coming soon

Michael Shmulenson

Chief Digital Officer

Coming soon

Patricia Sirabella

Senior Vice President

Coming soon

Ajay Wanchoo

Analytics and Information Management Practice Leader

Coming soon

Claire Yacubovich

Senior Vice President

Claire has been with Gemini Systems since its inception and has been a key contributor to its rapid growth. An experienced, meticulous project manager, Claire has led team after team of Gemini developers in achieving system-development excellence.

Claire graduated from Clarkson University with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She began her career with Bechtel Power Corporation in the Plant Facilities Automated Engineering Group.

Our people are experts.
We're always looking for more.

We are 25 years old.
We have come a long way since 1987.

That's when a $5,000 portable computer had 640 KB of RAM, 20 MB Hard Disk, no battery and weighed over 20 pounds! Old computer

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